European Laboratory Without Walls: the Pig Gene Mapping Project (1991)

TitleEuropean Laboratory Without Walls: the Pig Gene Mapping Project
CreatorCommission of the European Communities
ExhibitionTowards Dolly
SubjectGene mapping; Pigs; Genetics; Human genome
TypeResearch paper
DescriptionOrder and sequence The Pig Gene Mapping Project (PiGMaP) aimed to create a complete genome map of the pig. This would allow scientists to study its complete set of DNA, including gene locations, and to inform the genetic control of particular traits. PiGMaP was the first internationally coordinated attempt to map the genome of any species; it began in 1991 as the race started to map and sequence the first human genome. Twenty laboratories across Europe, America and Australia collaborated with Chris Haley, Alan Archibald and colleagues from the Roslin Institute.
RightsObject in copyright
ShelfmarkLoan courtesy of Alan Archibald
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