House of Strangers (1953)

TitleHouse of Strangers
CreatorEdith Simon
ExhibitionTowards Dolly
SubjectCommune; Mortonhall; Genetics
DescriptionSocial science These items reveal the active life of the Edinburgh genetics community, both inside and outside the laboratory. Social occasions such as the 1955 birthday party for C.H. Waddington involved scientists performing genetics-themed songs and dances. This close contact could also have its negative aspects. Housing shortages during the 1940s led to many geneticists living communally at Mortonhall, south Edinburgh. This proved to be a turbulent experience which led to an official investigation and divisions between the staff. The artist and writer Edith Simon (1917-2003), wife of geneticist Eric Reeve, immortalised this episode in a work of fiction, The Past Masters (The House of Strangers in the US edition). Institute of Animal Genetics songbook, 1956, Edinburgh University Library Special Collections Coll-1484 Photograph album presented to C.H. Waddington by Institute of Animal Genetics staff on the occasion of his 50th birthday, 1955, Edinburgh University Library Special Collections EUA IN1/ACU/A1/5/7 'Drosophila ballet', from Eric Lucey's copy of Waddington's photograph album, 1955, Edinburgh University Library Special Collections Coll-1484 E. Simon, The House of Strangers, New York, 1953, copy curator's own
RightsObject in copyright
ShelfmarkCurator's own copy
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