Towards Dolly: A Century of Animal Genetics in Edinburgh

About the Exhibition

Opening: 31st July 2015 | Where: Exhibition Gallery, Main Library, George Square | Closing: 31st October 2015 | Opening Times: Monday - Saturday, 10:00 - 17:00 | Curated by: Clare Button (Project Archivist)

Edinburgh has played a vital role in the science which tells us who we are – genetics.

Dolly the sheep is a scientific icon and a household name. However, she is also a single chapter in a wider story which spans a century. Pioneers at Edinburgh and Roslin have embedded concepts like genetic engineering and stem cell research in the public consciousness, stimulating debate and revolutionising science and medicine.

This exhibition celebrates the individuals and institutions who made, and continue to make, extraordinary advances in animal and human health. It will take you on a journey ‘Towards Dolly’ and beyond.

Exhibition Clips

These audio clips accompany specific objects in the exhibition.

Social Science: 'The Old Time Gene', sung by Institute of Animal Genetics staff, 1956

New directions: F.A.E. Crew in conversation with Margaret Deacon, 1969

A Chemical Reaction: Charlotte Auerbach in conversation with Margaret Deacon, 1971

Dollymania: Sir Ian Wilmut and Grahame Bulfield in conversation, January 2015