Shored Against Ruin: Fragments from the University of Edinburgh Collections

Main Library Exhibition Gallery, Ground Floor 8 December 2017 – 24 February 2018 (Closed 23 December 2017 until 3 January 2018) Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm

Inspired by the recent gift of fragments from Eduardo Paolozzi’s mosaic archways at Tottenham Court Road, Shored Against Ruin showcases fragments from across the University collections. Featuring artworks, 2nd century manuscripts, film, Victorian photographs, fossils and anatomical specimens, this exhibition questions the nature of a fragment and examines why we care for them, whilst also considering the hidden histories they can tell us.

Incendiary Texts: Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation

About the Exhibition

Binks Trust Exhibition Wall, Main Library 6th Floor 10 November 2017 – 11 April 2018 (Closed 23 December 2017 until 3 January 2018) Monday-Friday 10am-5pm

In 1517 Martin Luther nailed his Ninety Five Theses to the door of Wittenberg Church and sparked the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. Featuring key publications by Luther, his supporters and those who opposed him, Incendiary Texts examines how these printed texts fuelled debate and controversy across 16th century Europe.

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