Art in Mind

Art and wellbeing through your eyes

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Art in Mind explores the University of Edinburgh’s Collections from the perspective of members of its community. As you navigate the exhibition, you will experience a selection of items from the Art, Geology and Natural History Collections. The co-curators come from a diverse range of backgrounds and roles, including the student body, and academic, professional services and security staff. They have curated the exhibition by selecting and offering their insights into the items displayed throughout.

This exhibition is a collaboration between these co-curators and a team of research students on the Collections and Curating Practices (MScR) programme at Edinburgh College of Art. It investigates the ways in which art can help to cultivate a sense of wellbeing.

Please engage with the selected collections in any way that appeals to you. You might choose to interact with them through the activities described, experiencing the objects through the eyes of the co-curators. Alternatively, feel free to approach the artworks in any other way that brings you a moment of calm and escape.

The next page will explain the mindfulness activities performed throughout the exhibition. You will meet Dr Kitty Wheater, the University’s Mindfulness Chaplain, who will take you through the basics of mindfulness and its relationship to art. Alternatively, you are welcome to take an art break with one of our co-curators by selecting one of the collections items below. If you would like more wellbeing resources, or any more information on the mental health support services available to you, feel free to visit the resources page.