Making Art Mindful

What is Mindfulness, and how does it relate to Art?

Three figures stand in front of a brightly coloured landscape of buildings under a blue sky. Five differently coloured speech bubbles float above their heads.

In the video below, Dr Kitty Wheater, the University’s Mindfulness Chaplain, shares her definition of mindfulness and how it can be used to engage with art and objects from other collections.

Dr Kitty Wheater runs the mindfulness programme for University staff and students. As well as providing lunchtime mindfulness drop-in sessions, she is involved with other events and workshops, these include Why Don’t You Write Me, which uses postcard writing to explore the connection between art and wellbeing.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a form of reconnection, not only with ourselves but also with our environment. This connection allows people to have a better understanding of themselves, eventually leading to the ability to notice patterns of thought, feeling and experience. By recognising these things, a person may feel more capable of managing them, leading to a more positive outlook on life. Mindfulness is based on cultivating an awareness of the present moment, to help individuals feel grounded and therefore more relaxed.