This exhibition was curated and illustrated by Rebekah Day, 2024 Regional Ethnology of Scotland Project Curatorial Intern.

The RESP is also grateful to the following people for providing additional visual content and information that has enhanced this exhibition:

  • Julia MacDonald provided striking photos of farm life and countryside vistas around New Galloway
  • Dr Jo Miller shared a video of her performing a song written by Logan Paterson and a copy of her essay written about Logan's works
  • Dave Paterson for sharing photographs and information about his brother Logan
  • Claire Jeffrey shared two photos showing her great-grandparents at a historic dairy in Edinburgh with her daughter-in-law Rebekah Day who curated the exhibition
  • Lesley Bryson, RESP Projects Archivist, provided a recording of her personal response to the photos shared by Claire Jeffrey
  • Martine Robertson's recording of her reflections on the arrival of spring near her home in East Lothian is used in the video, ‘Birds’.
  • Louise Scollay’s recording of her reflections on the impact of covid on her aural experience and her longing to be near the sea is used in the video, ‘Salt’.
  • Callum Lennie provided the footage for the video 'Birds' produced by Colin Gateley for the EERC Covid-19 project
  • Sanquhar Riding of the Marches group for sharing photographs of their annual tradition


The Regional Ethnology of Scotland Project would like to thank all the fieldworkers and interviewees who have contributed their time and their stories to the archive - thanks also to the friends and relatives who continue to support the inclusion of their loved ones in this project.

Thanks also to The European Ethnological Research Centre and University of Edinburgh's Heritage Collections.

Many thanks also to Lesley Bryson and Caroline Milligan, for sharing their thorough knowledge of the RESP interviews and for looking after the incredible stories housed in this archive. James Rice for helping define and promote the exhibition and RESP more widely. Bianca Packham for providing training and her expertise to guide the creation of this exhibition. Serena Fredrick for connecting students to creative and professional opportunities across the Heritage Collections department.

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