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These interviews contain anecdotes where animals are participants in everyday life - connected to the memories of individual people and as unique presences themselves, influencing the structure of daily routine and how childhood memories are perceived.

Interviews with Jean Rennie

In 2012 Jean was interviewed about growing up in Wigtownshire, where her family had a dairy herd. She talks about hand-milking and the move to mechanised milking, the travelling threshing mill and the layout and domestic life on the farm - especially during World War 2. She could recall the POWs coming to the farm to help with harvesting and the evacuees who came to the area. Jean is related to the author John McNeillie, whose books are based on his memories of visiting the area as a child.

Reference: EERC/DG/DG4/17

Fieldworker notes from Jean Rennie's interview

These two pages are taken from the reflective diaries which volunteer fieldworkers are encouraged to contribute to. In this entry, Julia Muir-Watt shares her thoughts after interviewing Jean Rennie in October 2012. Read a transcription of the full interview with Jean here.

Reference: EERC/DG/DG4/17

Interviews with Betty Burns

Betty was interviewed in 2014 by her cousin, Betty Hudson, about her childhood as the daughter of a shepherd and dog trainer. She discusses her involvement in the annual tradition of the Riding of the Marches, when residents ride their horses through the streets to 'inspect' the historic boundaries of Sanquhar.

Reference: EERC/DG/DG27/6

Reference: EERC/DG/DG27/6

Interview with Helen Davies

Helen was 87 years old when she was interviewed in January 1999. She speaks about her early memories of life on a farm in rural Galloway and describes daily chores and shares her memories of working with the dairy herd.

Reference: EERC/DG/DG26/1