This exhibition is based on the original research of Dr Erika Lynn Jones, Curator of Navigation and Oceanography at Royal Museums Greenwich, who consulted the University's Challenger archives for her 2019 doctoral thesis ‘Making the Ocean Visible: Science and Mobility on the Challenger Expedition, 1872-1895'.

It was curated by Bianca Packham, Engagement Officer (Exhibitions) for the Centre for Research Collections. The main exhibition illustration is by Rupam Grimoeuvre.

This exhibition was made possible through the support of the Digital Imaging Unit (DIU). The DIU supports learning, teaching, and research through the digitisation of and long-term digital access to rare and unique research collections acquired or created by the University of Edinburgh.

With special thanks to and Dr Rebekah Higgitt, the Principal Curator of Science at National Museums Scotland, and National Museums Scotland for their support in digitising instruments from their Challenger holdings for this exhibition. Thank you also to National Library of Scotland for their permission to include Kirkwood's plan of the new town of Edinburgh.