University life

From Teviot to King's Buildings

black and white photograph of a jazz band playing in a crowded room

The University and the City of Edinburgh were undergoing momentous changes during Robert’s time as a student. He arrived in the late 1950s to a University with one foot stuck in the past and one looking to the future. The Student Union at Teviot Row House only allowed women as visitors (which didn’t change until 1971), but the Medical School was one of the foremost schools of sanctuary for Black South Africans who no longer could train at home due to apartheid.

Music and dance

University sport

Robert was an avid hill-climber and mountaineer and never participated in organised sports, however he did capture some of the sporting life at the University. He loved getting close to the action and waiting for a dramatic moment to present itself.

University Charities Week

From 1932 until 2006, the Students’ Representative Council (now the Edinburgh University Students’ Association) hosted Charities Week, a way to centralise the individual charity fundraising initiatives across the University. Now known as RAG (Raising and Giving) Week, events such as parades, torchlight processions, dances and theatrical reviews all take place in order to raise funds for EUSA charitable giving.