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Community is at the heart of this exhibition project. Research and information networks are so important, as is passing on inherited knowledge. So much of textile learning is passed from generation to generation, and risks being lost or forgotten. Below, we have highlighted resources, further information, and other projects that help to sustain this legacy of learning.

The Roundtable

The VofT Roundtable event ran on the 4th March 2022. It brought together artists and academics as well as community members to speak both about the objects in this exhibition and about the broader world of textile-making.

The entire event audio is available here. Transcripts of each speaker are also available at the links below.

Francesca Baseby providing context for the Suffragette Belt

Lindy Richardson, speaking about the making of the Processions Banner

Lottie Whalen, discussing women's textile work and the work of Hannah Ryggen

Fiona Jardine, speaking about the making of the Workers! Banner

A social media campaign centred on the idea of community has been running, primarily on Instagram at @voices_of_textiles, using the hashtag #craftyourvoiceVofT.

Head over to the page to see how the contributors have used textiles in their own lives. You can also find these stories on Twitter and Facebook.

Explore the highlights of our social media campaign and get some inspiration for how you can craft your voice!

An exhibition catalogue was created to supplement the materials viewed in Voices of Textiles. Click here to view.

Feeling Inspired to #craftyourvoice?

Click on the links to download the templates and get crafting!

Colour in your own roundel or use this guide to make one out of paper plates.

Perhaps you're inspired to design a banner and imagine it marching the streets of your hometown, or create your own version of the ornate buckle featured on the Suffragette Belt.

You can do some reflecting on what you learned in the exhibition with our mindfulness colouring exercise.

We want to see your creations inspired by the collections! Tag us @voices_of_textiles and use #craftyourvoicevoft.