This exhibition was curated by students Leia Caldwell, Elin Crotty, Benedicte Dansie, Sofiya Romashchenko, Lauren Schleich and Greer Brook Singh as part of the Collections and Curating Practices MScR, 2021-2022.

It was illustrated by Hazel Laing (@hazelmakespictures), and the project was completed in partnership with the Women Make Cities research network.

Voices of Textiles was supported by Dr. Kirsten Lloyd (Programme Director), Bianca Packham (Engagement Officer) and Julie-Ann Delaney (Art Collections Curator). We could not have done this without them.

This exhibition was made possible through the support of the Digital Imaging Unit (DIU). The DIU supports learning, teaching, and research through the digitisation of and long-term digital access to rare and unique research collections acquired or created by the University of Edinburgh.

With special thanks to Francesca Baseby, Lindy Richardson, Lottie Whalen and Fiona Jardine, our roundtable speakers, for their research and providing us with new insights to the collections. Thank you also to Malcolm Brown, Stuart Robinson and Gavin Willshaw from the Digital Imaging Unit, and to Kirsty Stewart, Elliot Holmes and Louise Scollay from the School of Scottish Studies Archives.