Creative writing workshops

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LGLS used animal imagery within promotional leaflets. For example, the use of a frog created a friendly mascot for their fundraising group, Friends of the Lothian Gay and Lesbian Switchboard. In this workshop, participants wrote both individually about animals and came together collaboratively to be inspired by each other’s work.

In this video, Eloise introduces the theme of animals and discusses why it was chosen. We also see participants at the workshop, and we hear the poem Chameleon by Jean Monaghan.

Eloise shares why animals were chosen as the third theme: “The Switchboard itself called the Friends of the [Gay and Lesbian] Switchboard FROGS, for example. I was intrigued by which animals were being depicted and why this might be. Furthermore, animals have been used in a lot of queer writing to explore aspects and qualities of queerness”.

In this poem, Iain Ogilvie has written about an animal he identifies with, a swan, and explores themes such as identity, acceptance, and the passing of time.

Animal imagery from collection items was a strong theme across a number of zines.

"My Zine is about gay frogs because I like frogs" - Harper.

This zine "is about the history of male sexual and woman sexual relationships with the same gender being misrepresented for friendship or 'bro's' and the language seen as 'vulgar' being used more openly in the modern era" - Faye.

This zine "is about how much whores are misrepresented and how gay people are a big part of whore/slut/slag/bimbo culture" - Bea.