Protest and Resistance

Creative writing workshops

A handmade zine with cutouts.

LGLS was actively involved in advocacy, education, and campaigning around issues affecting the LGBT+ community. In a series of exercises, participants took inspiration from archive material and examined ways to write about protest and the emotions that this evokes.

In this video, Eloise talks about the theme of protest and resistance, and LGLS’s role in this. Participants discuss the impact of learning about the history of their local LGBT+ community.

This image shows a front cover of issue 29 of Gay Scotland and displays a photograph from a political march.

This was written by a participant from LGBT Youth Scotland. They examined examples of protest and resistance from the LGLS collection and wrote a poem inspired by I Want a President by Zoe Leonard.

A poem created by a participant from LGBT Youth Scotland who was inspired by Hope is the Thing with Feathers by Emily Dickinson. In this exercise participants were asked to consider which emotions are evoked when they think of protest.

Written as part of a warm-up exercise, this poem incorporates five words decided collectively by workshop participants and includes powerful descriptions of fire and nature.

Inspired by Zoe Leonard’s I Want a President, this poem outlines the creator’s desire for a society where every life matters.

Inspired by Zoe Leonard’s I Want a President Woodrow writes: “we read this just after the queen's funeral and it inspired me to think that I too want a leader in my own image, someone I can relate to more, so I came up with this wee poem”.

This poem is looking at the themes of fairness, peace and acceptance, and searching for a place without conflict.

Here is a selection of zines which feature collection items that were selected to use in the workshops as they portray examples of resistance, protest, and visibility.