Safe Space/Queer Space

Creative writing workshops

A handmade zine with cutouts.

LGLS created a safe environment for LGBT+ people across Scotland via their telephone helpline and face-to-face Befriending, and through the social events they organised and hosted. In this workshop, participants looked at what safe and queer spaces meant to them and used examples from the Archive to write about real and imagined spaces.

In this video we meet Eloise and Louise and find out more about why the theme of safe space was chosen. Participants also share their reactions to the workshops and the poem Rainbow Colours is read aloud by Iain Ogilvie.

Written by a participant from LGBT Youth Scotland, this piece of prose explores an imagined safe space which is a semi-public outdoor space.

This piece was created as part of an exercise where participants were asked to write about a space where they felt safe. Participants began by questioning what and where the space was before imagining themselves in that space.

Here is a selection of zines which feature collection items used as examples of safe and queer spaces such as LGBT+ social venues.

Click on each zine to find out more about the themes and inspiration that inspired them.