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Through margin notes and journalistic typography, this group of material explores the hidden art of in-progress ideas. These insights into the behind-the-scenes of scientific and creative thought processes help us connect with the past through our own quirks and methodologies.

Picture Post typography

Picture Post was an innovative, liberal, and anti-Fascist photojournalistic magazine published in the UK from 1938 to 1957. It was also an early source of modern typography, adorning its pages with a variety of creative typefaces to match its pioneering photojournalism.

In the image grid below, peruse some Picture Post word art paired with similar modern fonts. How alike are they, almost a century later?

A collection of margin notes, 1797-1838

Are you a margin doodler? Have you jotted down a note between lines of a textbook? You are certainly not alone; Edinburgh students have done the same for hundreds of years.

Below are excerpts from David Pollock’s 1797 lecture notes on Natural History, A. B. Taylor’s 1894 lecture notes on Ancient Greek, and anonymous markings in Professor Peter Guthrie Tait’s Historical Sketch of the Dynamical Theory of Heat. Each is adorned with handwritten additions, personal shorthand, or flagged sections for further revision.

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