This exhibition was curated and illustrated by Lydia Wiernik, 2022 Friends of the Edinburgh University Library Curatorial Intern, in celebration of the Friends' 60th anniversary.

This exhibition was made possible through the support of the Cultural Heritage Digitisation Service. It supports learning, teaching, and research through the digitisation of and long-term digital access to rare and unique research collections acquired or created by the University of Edinburgh.

Many thanks to Matthew Hale for his Russian translation; Léna Lagrue, Maisie Graham, and Xenia Lütjohann for their prose readings; Elizabeth Quarmby Lawrence, Danielle Howarth, and Pamela McIntyre for their expertise and audio contributions; and Bianca Packham, project supervisor, for her overall help and guidance.

A special thanks must go to Peter Freshwater and the Friends for their immense support of and contributions to this project, as well as their continued, gracious aid to the libraries of the University of Edinburgh.

If you are interested in joining the Friends or want to make a donation to the collection, visit their website here. The Friends of the Edinburgh University Library are a Registered Scottish Charity no. SC001518.

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